Cotton and Thread Facilities

Undaunted perseverance and determination of working discipline and honesty has brought the business success to Güçlü Family who aims the great future for generations. Considering the key to success as being stable and honest, Güçlü family started to search new areas of trade. Haci Güçlü tells the starting moment of the adventure of textile sector in 1997 with these words; “The idea for producing the cotton (was producing in our region and said to be high quality product in the world) related work came out in 1997. The first thread factory established in 1997. We established our factory by opening our own lands to industry. If you are doing production and if there is no problem with the product, your hand becomes very stronger. We understood that well and the spinning factory ,which was established in the region of high quality cotton, showed us that it was a valid investment. Our honesty, the commercial discipline received from grandfather and father, being man of our words and loving our country and our people paved the way for our growth. The second yarn factory, established in 2002. Cotton factory established in 2003. We decided to set up a sack factory in 2004. After a year of construction process, we completed the synthetic sack factory and started to production in 2005. The fourth thread factory established in 2007. We’re excited for building fifth thread factory in 2008 and sixth thread factory in 2010” Güçlü Dokuma ve Tekstil is ranked as 79th in the list of “The Biggest Second 500 Companies” , 745th in the list of “ Survey of Turkey’s 1000 Most Large Private Enterprise “ from Capital, a monthly business magazine.