The most powerful group of Adıyaman

Güçlü Family is one of the leading groups in Adiyaman. The family was doing trade of grain until 1989. Under the leadership of Nazif Güçlü, they established a flour mill in 1989 and stepped into industry. Then they sould 2300 acres land in various districs of Adiyaman and bought the privitized Animal Feed Factory in 1993 by the resources they got from land selling.

Although the feed mill was in loss of 750.000 mark at that time, it became a profitable and employing plant by the investments of family. Güçlü Family came in the textile industry which is the main line of family today in 1996. The family who founded a spinning factory in Adiyaman, focused their investments in textile. After a few years, they began to export in many European countries, mainly Greece and Italy began.

This year, Adiyaman’s Güçlü Family is establishing a new thread factory which worths 20.000.000 mark by getting know-how support from the German company, Schlafhorst and Trützschler.

The family plans to export 5 million dollars worthing meta with the operation of this factory which products fancy yarn. The total turnover of flour, animal feed and textile sectors are 15 million dollars in the last year.