Grandfather's Struggle with Euphrates

Haci Güçlü ,who noted that Güçlü family has a very interesting life story, and Güçlü Family got a quite different place in the heart of Adiyaman’s people.
Story of Güçlü Family ,who shows an example of a great achievement, begins with grandfather, Haci Güçlü. He trades the grains from Samsat which is located at the edge of the Firat River to against shore by boat. The grandchild, Haci Güçlü; "My grandfather Haci Güçlü used to pick the grains (wheat, lentils and the like) and transport them from Samsat to against shore by boat. The direction of first course was easy, but the return path was quite painful. Sometimes, the wild flows of Firat put their boat about 150 miles forward. My grandfather and his accompanies had to come back to Samsat by pulling the strings with human power. That kind of journey took more than a week. My Grandfather dealt with trade in this way for years.” said.