An Integrated Plant

Noting that 80% of their production is domestic market and %20 is export-oriented, Haci Güçlü said: “We are an integrated facility and a brand. We manifacture our own thread, make our own fabric and process them in our own dyehouse. We will export in very large quantities in a short time. Today, we employ a total of 1200 people. With the new new investments, we will reach 2000 people at the end of 2011. The reason why we invest in Adiyaman is to contribute to the developement of our region and give work and food to local people. We were able to spend far less money in the West than our investment of production in Adiyaman. Nonetheless, we have invested in our state because we love our homeland and our people. We are a family who believed that the regional differences in economy must disappear. As Guclu Group, I would like to mention about the Adiyaman people’s sensitivity when I mention about our investments in Adiyaman.