Changes in the Year of 1960

"My Grandfather's commercial life continued until 1960. Then my father, Nazif Güçlü emigrated to Adiyaman. He continued to work as a grain merchant. In 1989, besides grain merchanting, we moved to another sector which is again based on agriculture and decided to set up the flour factory with Ziya Güçlü who is currently the chairman of Güçlü Group. After a year of construction, in 1990, the flour factory becames activated and we beginned to produce the highest quality flour in the region. The fact that we produced the best quality flour in the region triggered the process of widening the trade area. Beside the provinces close to the region, Gaziantep, Mersin, Adana, Malatya; we export flour to neighboring countries, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Nakhichevan, Azerbaijan and etc.”