Knitting and Raw Fabric

Güçlü Knitting and Dyeing Facility, working with latest technology, was established on a indoor area of ??25,000 m2. The facility with a capacity of 25 tons of knitting and dyeing per day, is among the top enterprises of textile industry, by its modern machinery, advanced lab opportunities, and specialist staff.

Machinery of the knitting section of the facilty, in which Güçlü Textile threads are used for knitting and dyeing, was formed by the pioneering brands of the industry, like Pilotelli, Interlok, Ribana, Mayer and Pai Lung (three threads).

Being proud of aiming and achieving to reach to a production quality which would make an overwhelming impression in Turkey in 40/1 full lyc supreme, 36/1 full lyc supreme, 30/1 full lyc supreme, 40/1 supreme, 30/1 supreme, 40/1 interlock, 30/1 interlock, 30/30 two thread, 30/100 cotton polyester, 30/30/10 three thread, 30/70/10 three thread and similar productions, Güçlü Group aims to become a worldwide brand by new investments in textile industry.