Güçlü Group

Güçlü Group, one of the most important companies in Anatolia, is continuing its commercial success, which started with the establishment in flour industry in 1988.

The group has 15 facilities, established on 205.000 m2 indoors, 415.000 m2 total area, manufacturing in several industries, from textile to flour, from knitting and dyeing to feed and sack industry.

Güçlü Group, by linking the team of 1500 people’s dedicated efforts with latest developments on technology, has taken its place among the leading companies of rising Turkey.

Operating every business without compromising the principles of customer satisfaction, and honest and long lasting co-operation, Güçlü Group aims on signing better and more successful works, with honest trade and manufacturing philosophy.

Chairman’s Letter

Anatolia , where different civilizations flourished in, is also a land which has been writing the history of thousands of years of labour, production and development .

As Güçlü Group, in every investment we make and every business we start, we act with the consciousness of carrying the faith, descended from past to the strong future.

We can say that this determination, work discipline and morality came into existence with the business story of our predecessors. Our grandfather Haci Güçlü’s struggle for trading on Euphrates River became an example for the descendants of the Güçlü family, and set up the substructure of these days. Today’s work and vision, which made our international structure possible, are gifts of our family’s business story.

As businessmen from the tradition of such a trade, we had learnt that the greatest success is to fight with determination against all the difficulties, and to avoid making any concessions in this way of working honest and disciplined. We know that it is not just the investments we made on spinning, knitting and dyeing, sacks, flour, feed and plastic production in Adiyaman, but also this attitude makes us strong.

For this reason, we will keep using this power we got from these lands for the sake of these lands.