* Textile

Thread Industry

In 1997 Güçlü Group added a new investment on the way of industrialization and started to act on thread industry with Güçlü Textile brand. From that day on, keeping up with production and consumption trends, the brand has come to a significant place in textile industry.

Today, Güçlü Textile produces 200.000 spindle ring threads in 6 plants and an open-end factory with 8400 rotors, Ne 16-80 range open-end, ring carded, combed and compact threads. .

Despite the devolution in the quality of cotton worldwide, Güçlü Textile continues by taking particular precautions in the production. Through Raw Material Management Approach, the company using the Aegean cotton in the ring thread and American cotton in open-end, makes the high efficiency and the 'best quality' policy for all stakeholders and partners valid; and selects the best raw materials carefully for the products.

With the ability to pick impurity out by Jossi Vision Shield machine in mix carding unit and to remove the quality lack in cotton by wide back group; and the add-on investments like Colorab in open-end and ring lace machines and Loepfe white and colored fabric cleaning systems, as well as attentive working, Güçlü Textile has put an end to known fiber quality problems.

The company which is proud to be the first in Turkey to use Rieter K45 Compact 1632 spindle machines in 2007, makes a strong impression on its customers with its high performance.

Getting strength from Rieter in ring thread from bale to thread and Murata in coil, Güçlü Textile, through Loepfe fiber cleaning and Perla A hairiness-reducing systems, keeps producing contamination free thread and low hairy thread. In this way, Güçlü Textile, which perpetrated in high quality in later processes such as weaving, knitting, dyeing-finishing and printing, became one of the most preferred manufacturers both in Turkey and abroad.

Approximately 125 tons/day of production capacity of Güçlü Textile is totally on open-end, ring carded, combed and compact thread. With open-end threads ranged Ne 16-36, ring carded threads ranged Ne 16-40, and combed threads ranged Ne 16-80, Güçlü Textile has always produced in world class quality products, as a close follower of high technology.

Güçlü Textile preferred Rieter its open-end thread plant, from start to thread production process. For coil machines, Murata brand, which is also known as the brand of 21st century, is chosen. In the facility, where moisture and heat are completely held under the control with computerized air conditioning system, the cleaning of impurity and of fibers is provided by Jossi Vision Shield in ring and combed thread line, by Loepfe in thread line.

By the good work of Murata machine, the impure fibers are impeded to mix in; and thus continuity of lace quality is secured.


Preserving the standards in production processes and in product quality for each plant is an indispensible principal to the group. For this reason, all production processes, from the selection of raw materials to quality control, are managed by the laboratories equipped with advanced technology.

The products are regularly checked with ribbon, thread and fiber tests are at every stage of production, using devices such as Uster Tester 5, Uster and Premier Art, Aquara, Tensomax 7000.

Through the advanced technology labs and expert staff’ highly sensitive work, the efficiency is kept maximized, as well as the quality standards for each product group are protected.

Knitting and Raw Fabric

Güçlü Knitting and Dyeing Facility, working with latest technology, was established on a indoor area of ??25,000 m2. The facility with a capacity of 25 tons of knitting and dyeing per day, is among the top enterprises of textile industry, by its modern machinery, advanced lab opportunities, and specialist staff.

Machinery of the knitting section of the facilty, in which Güçlü Textile threads are used for knitting and dyeing, was formed by the pioneering brands of the industry, like Pilotelli, Interlok, Ribana, Mayer and Pai Lung (three threads).

Being proud of aiming and achieving to reach to a production quality which would make an overwhelming impression in Turkey in 40/1 full lyc supreme, 36/1 full lyc supreme, 30/1 full lyc supreme, 40/1 supreme, 30/1 supreme, 40/1 interlock, 30/1 interlock, 30/30 two thread, 30/100 cotton polyester, 30/30/10 three thread, 30/70/10 three thread and similar productions, Güçlü Group aims to become a worldwide brand by new investments in textile industry.

Fabric Dyeing

In the facility, where the dyeing process for 25 000 kg per day is done by Brazzoli boilers with the capacities 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400, 200, and 100 kg, the highest quality dyes and chemicals of world and of Turkey are used. Brückner (tenting), Ferraro (sanforing), Corino (tube cutting and squeezing), Mario Crosta (teasel raising and brushing), Dilmenler (drying) brands also take place in other phases of production.


The laboratory in Güçlü Knitting and Dyeing Facility is equipped with the latest technology to ensure both quality control and color settings .

* Sack Industry

One of the enterprises owned by the group is Güçlü Sack, which was established in two indoor plants with an area of 40.000 m2 in 2005.

Thanks to the facilities operating in the accordance with ISO 9001:2000, high quality product and service principle, Güçlü Sack has become one of the most preferred sack manufacturing facility of Turkey, especially in Aegean and Mediterranean regions.

Güçlü Sack has a daily production capacity of 350.000 pieces, which are supplied for coal, fertilizer, yarn, flour and feed industries, in all kinds and sizes.

In accordance with the Güçlü Group’s basic, all the machinery and processes are selected and managed in delicate care, from selection of raw material to machine trails.

* Flour Industry

Güçlü Flour, the first step in Güçlü Group's business life, has a capacity of producing 250 tons per day, in a facility in Adiyaman where it processes the best quality wheat.

Having a distribution network around Adiyaman in particular, Turkey in general; Güçlü Flour owns a big market share, especially in Mediterranean, Eastern Anatolia and Southeastern Anatolia regions.

Hygene and quality made possible by production technologies controlled through ISO 9001:2000 standards, have led Güçlü Un to be one of the most important manufacturing enterprises in its region.

* Feed – Corn Drying

Güçlü Feed and Corn Drying Facility provides a major contribution to development of corn growing in Adiyaman, where corn is the second important product in Adiyaman and its vicinity.

Integrated with the corn drying plant, the feed processing plant has a production capacity of 360 tons per day. Due to its capacity and production quality, the facility is the most potent feed plant in the region. The product, which is especially demanded for exporting because of its content, is the most preferred feed in livestock for cattle in East and Southeast Anatolia.

* Vehicle Inspection Station

Güçlü Group put a motor vehicle inspection station in 2009 in service, as an outcome of the collaboration with TÜVTÜRK, the sole institution authorized periodical vehicle inspection in Turkey.

Bringing a branch of this important institution of Turkey in Adiyaman, Güçlü Group offers the periodic vehicle inspection services performed in this facility in international standards, thereby contributing to the region's traffic and vehicle safety.

* Plastics Manufacturing

Güçlü Plastic Manufacturing, with a capacity of 350 tons nylon production per month, produces primarily for containers of coils, produced by Güçlü Group and the need of Güçlü Sack and Güçlü Feed industries.

Because the facility has the capability of making productions of all sizes, it can quickly answer the various demands that come from Anatolian firms.